25 octobre 2017

Top Ten Trends for 2004

Top Ten Trends for 2004
Subtitled: "It's All About Productivity Now. Dramatic Productivity Gains from New Technology Dominate the Landscape." Honestly, if it's all about productivity, I want to pack up my computer and take up a new line of work. These ppredictions by Sam S. Adkins of the Workflow Institute seem well grounded, but they miss the wonderment that defines real change. More...

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15 décembre 2014

Support Hack Education

https://s3.amazonaws.com/hackedu/header_new.pngBy . I’m halfway through my year-end review of (what I think are) the important trends in education technology in 2014. The word count for the series so far hovers around 25,000, and I have a lot more to say. More...

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Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2014: Competencies and Certificates

https://s3.amazonaws.com/hackedu/header_new.pngBy . I’m not a big fan of using the Hype Cycle to explain the adoption of technologies. The Hype Cycle is a great piece of marketing for the research firm Gartner, but I’m not sure of its utility beyond that. Yes, sometimes it does seem like certain trends reach a “Peak of Inflated Expectations” then sink into the “Trough of Disillusionment.” But not all trends work that way, and the Hype Cycle does nothing to explain why or why not technologies become interesting or important or mainstream. There’s not a clear timeline for adoption or rejection or “best practices” to emerge. As the annual Horizon Report illustrates, for example, some technologies – hyped or not – stay on the cusp of adoption for years. Predicted to become “a thing,” some instead simply fade away. More...

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25 janvier 2014

EUA's research project, TRENDS 2015, will analyse developments in European Higher Education

The European University Association (EUA) launches its 7th TRENDS project, part of its flagship series of research analysis of developments in European higher education. TRENDS 2015 will focus on how the Bologna Process and other recent policy changes have contributed to fostering new forms of learning and teaching. Previous TRENDS reports. More...

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