19 août 2019

Egalité femmes-hommes : 8 % des grandes entreprises rechignent à la transparence

C2RP Carif-Oref Hauts-de-FranceCinq mois après son entrée en vigueur, 92 % des entreprises de plus de 1 000 salariés ont publié leur index égalité. Le ministère du Travail a envoyé une mise en demeure à celles qui traînent toujours les pieds. Plus...

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12 juillet 2019

A Lack of Transparency In the News Aggregator World

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Christian Long[Edit][Delete]: A Lack of Transparency In the News Aggregator World, think:lab [Edit][Delete] August 7, 2006
Christian Long struggles with aggregation, and in particular the work of Jym Brittain. In a comment, Brittain writes, "If you object to your content being syndicated, turn off the syndication function of your blog." It's an issue that occupies many people with RSS feeds (and for that matter Creative Commons licenses). It's something that I addressed recently. More...

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06 juillet 2019

Wage-by-Major Statistics: Transparency to What End?

http://www.insidehighered.com/sites/default/server_files/styles/blog_landing/public/JustVisitingLogo_white.jpg?itok=K5uvzo_-By John WarnerWhat if those wage-by-major statistics obscure more than they reveal. A guest post from Zachary Bleemer on complications to the dream of transparency. More...

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24 juin 2019

Consulter les résultats des services publics en toute transparence

Screenshot-2018-5-5 Actualités ModernisationLa transparence sur l’efficacité et la qualité des services publics est un élément fondamental pour renforcer la confiance entre l’administration et ses usagers. D’ici 2020, tous les services de l’Etat en relation avec les usagers ont accepté de rendre compte de la qualité des leurs services en partageant publiquement leurs indicateurs de qualité (performance et satisfaction) dans leurs lieux d’accueil. Des chiffres, simples, clairs, fruits de votre expérience d’usagers. Plus...

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15 juin 2019

Digital credentials need more transparency

eCampus NewsA partnership between two groups aims to advance new interoperability and transparency standards for digital credentials and institutional data systems. More...

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27 mars 2019

Slim – Inexpensive – Transparent

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Slim – Inexpensive – Transparent
Inteview with Martin Röll, a Luxembourger blogger living in Dreden and producer of Das E-Business Weblog and various publications on the topic. More...

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02 mars 2019

Expectations Build for College Transparency Legislation

HomeBy Andrew Kreighbaum. With Democrats in charge of the House education committee, supporters of a student-level data system hope to see progress in Congress on transparency for college outcomes. More...

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01 mars 2019

Transparency and Education

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Transparency and Education
So I'm in Vancouver after having spent a day flying across the country. I've been coding, taking photos, and generally thinking about power, community and progress. Maybe people will see this year as the beginning of a new (and smarter) approach to learning, the recognition that learning cannot be programmed for a group of individuals as though they were machines. More...

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14 février 2019

Poland: Anti-corruption group calls for more transparency and preventive measures to promote integrity in central government

Conseil de l'EuropeThe Council of Europe’s Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) says that it is a “top priority” for Poland to establish a system for appointment, promotion and dismissal of all senior managers in the Police and Border Guards, which would be based on objective, merit-based criteria and transparent procedures. More...

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23 janvier 2019

Aus: HEIs welcome ARC transparency rules

By Anton Crace. Grant applicants to the Australian Research Council will now be notified if the education minister has rejected their project, the Australian government has announced. More...

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