Vocational Education and Training

10 mars 2019

Séminaire de contact « Give VET mobility a fresh boost »

Logo Agence Erasmus+ France Education FormationL'agence Erasmus+ norvégienne en partenariat avec les agences nordiques, allemande et française organise un séminaire de contact « Give VET mobility a fresh boost » pour développer de futurs projets de mobilité de formation professionnelle entre ces pays.
Ce séminaire de contact est ouvert aux acteurs de la formation professionnelle, en particulier les nouveaux arrivants dans le programme Erasmus+ et/ou les organisations en mesure d'être un levier pour impulser des dynamiques sur le territoire et déclencher de nouveaux dépôts de projets Erasmus+. Plus...

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09 mars 2019

Spain: new steps to boost VET

HomeThe General Council for Vocational Training (Consejo General de Formación Profesional, CGFP) – an advisory body where education and labour authorities responsible for VET work together with trade unions and employers’ associations – has set up several working groups to boost the VET system. More...

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Finland: many VET learners come from upper secondary or tertiary education

HomeMore than a half of learners enrolling in vocational education and training (VET) have previously acquired an upper secondary or tertiary level qualification. This reflects the role on VET in lifelong learning in Finland. More...

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Watch how Austria's VET system works!

HomeWith 70% of upper secondary students following vocational studies, vocational education and training (VET) is highly valued in Austria. More...

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VET’s role in shaping Europe’s future discussed at European Parliament/Cedefop event

HomeThe French MEP was the Parliament rapporteur in the reform of Cedefop’s Founding Regulation which dated from the agency’s creation in 1975. The new Regulation came into force on 20 February. More...

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Lithuania: 2018 VET status review – Establishing a monitoring system

HomeOn 11 December 2018, the second edition of a vocational education and training status review was published for the general public and all parties concerned. More...

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Skillsnet e-bulletin: February - January 2019

HomeThe highlight of the February - January 2019 issue of Skillsnet e-bulletin refers to our Skills Panorama new blog “Four questions and answers for career guidance!”. More...

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Cyprus: access to training programmes for all registered unemployed

HomeThe standard multi-company training programmes are one of the schemes of the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA) with high participation rates. The main aim of the scheme is the participation of employed people in training programmes, designed and implemented by certified vocational training centres (VTCs) to satisfy companies’ training needs. More...

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Austria: significant increases in CVET participation especially in small enterprises

HomeStatistics Austria published in 2018 a report on the latest available survey data on continuing vocational education and training (CVET), using data collected in 2015 as part of the Fifth European continuing vocational training survey (CVTS5). More...

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05 mars 2019

Insight into Community College Students and Challenges of Online Education

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mfeldstein.com logo"By . Inside Higher Ed reported today on a new survey report on community colleges and challenges that students face. More...

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