Politique migratoire pour les étudiants
30 mars 2018

Targeting China, Trump threatens student visas. That would hit a big U.S. export

University Business Magazine logoThe Trump administration’s proposed crackdown on China’s trade practices could hit one sector where the U.S. runs a big trade surplus: higher education. More...

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25 mars 2018

Drop in Visas for International Students

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. A new analysis from The Wall Street Journal builds on earlier reports on declines in the number of new international students in the United States. More...

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Report: Trump May Limits Visas for Chinese Citizens

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. The Trump administration is considering restricting visas for Chinese citizens and tightening controls on the export of particular technologies with military and civilian uses as part of a push by President Trump to impose a package of tariffs and investment restrictions against China, Politico reported. More...

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Will U.S. Restrict Visas for Chinese Students?

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. News reports that the Trump administration is considering restrictions on visas for Chinese citizens raise concerns about potentially “devastating” impact on American colleges and U.S. competitiveness. More...

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Tariff Package Does Not Include Visa Restrictions

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. President Trump on Thursday announced plans to impose $60 billion in tariffs on China to retaliate against allegedly unfair trade practices but made no mention of a proposal to limit visas for Chinese citizens that reportedly had been under consideration. More...

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3 Colleges Check Applicants' Parents' Visa Status

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Three colleges in Virginia are checking on the visa status of applicants' parents, even when the applicants are U.S. citizens, The Washington Post reported. More...

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24 mars 2018

PVT : direction le Brésil

Depuis le 1 mars 2018, les Français de 18 à 30 ans peuvent demander un visa vacances travail pour le Brésil. Plus...

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16 mars 2018

ESU’s response to the public consultation on the future of the visa policy

European Students’ Union’s vision is to achieve equal educational and social opportunities in an open and democratic Europe where students shape a sustainable future. With increasing number of learners from third countries studying in Schengen countries, and elsewhere in the European Union, free movement, including for students on exchange studies, for staff and researchers must be ensured. More...

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01 mars 2018

UCLA warns international students about increased stringency in visa laws

University Business Magazine logoInternational students who are arrested could be removed from the country following the federal government’s new emphasis on screening immigrants. More...

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25 février 2018

Visa policy for overseas students with a disability is nonsensical and discriminatory

The ConversationInternational education is one of the pillars of economic growth in Australia. The government is committed to welcoming people who genuinely want, and can afford, to study here. More...

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