Politique migratoire pour les étudiants
25 avril 2017

Government listens to universities’ fears over visas

By Brendan O'Malley. The government has agreed to address concerns raised by universities over proposed changes to 457 work visas, Universities Australia said on Thursday. The Group of Eight or Go8, comprising Australia’s eight leading research-intensive universities, voiced fears that the changes would put at risk Australia’s AU$21.8 billion (US$16 billion) international education industry. More...

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21 avril 2017

Visas Libres-Savoirs : flyer 2017-2020

Logo EtoilePrésentation du dispositif, contenus des Visas, témoignages d’anciens apprenants et coordonnées des 26 Espaces Libres savoirs : voilà ce que vous trouverez dans le flyer 2017-2020. Voir l'article...

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18 avril 2017

Visas and cost could dampen Australia’s growth prospects, agents report

By Anton CraceDespite Australia’s international student numbers improving while political tensions in the UK and the US appear to deter students, the country may not be as well placed as previously thought to increase its market share, according to education agents at the recent ICEF ANZA workshop in Cairns. More...

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US suspends fast-track processing of H-1B visas

By Beckie Smith. US Citizenship and Immigration Services has suspended fast-track processing of H1-B visas, the temporary worker visa for highly skilled foreign workers and a key route to post-study work for international graduates. More...

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Russia to simplify visas, boost international student quota to 200,000

By Beckie Smith. The Russian government has upped its international student quota for universities by a third to 200,000 for this year and put in place plans to simplify visas for students completing a foundation year. The plans, announced by the deputy education minister, are part of an ongoing drive to boost the global profile of Russian higher education and increase the country’s soft power. More...

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Easing access to the US: community colleges go global

By Beckie Smith. At first glance, community colleges seem like the perfect option for international students seeking a US degree. They’re smaller, cheaper and easier to get into than universities – and after two years, students can transfer to a four-year institution, graduating with a degree from a big-name university. More...

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Japan tightens language study visa regulations

By Natalie Marsh. Students from five countries will be soon faced with stricter application requirements for language schools in Japan, as part of a crackdown on immigrants working illegally on student visas. More...

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11 avril 2017

Scrutiny Ordered for Certain Visa Applicants

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. Memos from U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson offer a first glimpse of what President Trump’s proposed “extreme vetting” of visa applicants will look like, Reuters and The New York Times reported Thursday. Read more...

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20 mars 2017

Visa vacances-travail en Australie: récit du rêve éveillé d’une jeune Française

Par Louis Heidsieck. 28.000 jeunes français ont arpenté les pistes australiennes en 2015, 200.000 depuis la création du «working holiday visa», en 2004. Ce type de visa permet de trouver facilement des emplois de court terme pour financer une aventure d’un an. Voir l'article...

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19 mars 2017

Universities overwhelmingly objected to the Trump travel ban

University Business LogoSubmitted by Stefanie Botelho. Universities played an important role in the unexpectedly widespread mobilization against President Trump’s Jan. 27 executive order suspending entry to the United States from seven Muslim-majority countries. More...

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