Politique migratoire pour les étudiants
05 novembre 2018

Trump administration proposes new restriction on student visas

University Business Magazine logoThe Trump administration plans to make a major change to student visas, according to a notice published in the Federal Register on Wednesday. Instead of student visas being valid for “duration of status” — that is, for as long as the visa holders are full-time students and meet other requirements — there would be a fixed “maximum period of authorized stay,” with options for extension that are currently unspecified. More...

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31 octobre 2018

Fixed Maximum Terms for Student Visas?

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. The Trump administration published notice on Wednesday that it intends to propose a new rule in fall 2019 establishing a maximum period of authorized stay for international students and other holders of certain nonimmigrant visas. More...

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Unity College Helps Gambian Student Denied Visa

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. In late August Inside Higher Ed published an article about a student from Gambia who was twice denied a visa to come to the United States despite having secured financial support for her education, including a substantial scholarship to a college in New York State. More...

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A Boost for Graduates of U.S. Universities in H-1B Visa Pool?

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. The Trump administration plans to publish a proposed rule this month that would increase the probability that holders of advanced degrees from U.S. institutions would be selected for one of 85,000 H-1B skilled worker visas available in the annual lottery, Politico reported. More...

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British Scholar Can't Travel Visa-Free Due to Sudan Fieldwork

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. A British professor is unable to give a plenary speech at a conference in Arizona because of her academic travels to an archaeological site in Sudan in 2014. She will instead be delivering her talk at the Cultural Evolution Society’s conference, which began Monday at Arizona State University, by Skype. More...

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Report: Stephen Miller Pushed Ending Chinese Student Visas

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. White House aide Stephen Miller urged President Trump to end all student visas for Chinese nationals before the proposal was abandoned over concerns about the economic and diplomatic impact, the Financial Times reported, citing four people familiar with the deliberations. More...

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Trump administration planning stricter student visa rules

Screenshot-2018-4-19 Techno-News BlogTechno-News Blog. The Trump administration is planning to propose a set maximum period of authorized stay for international students in the U.S., according to Inside Higher Ed, which notes concern the change will depress the number of international students. More...

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15 octobre 2018

WHO voices alarm as academics denied visas to visit UK

The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed alarm about the impact of the United Kingdom government’s immigration policy on international academic cooperation after several foreign scholars were denied visas to attend a conference, writes Matthew Weaver for The Guardian. More...

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29 septembre 2018

Bring back work visas for overseas graduates, say UK universities

Screenshot-2018-4-23 The GardianInternational student numbers in UK ‘flatlining’ as it fails to compete against likes of US. More...

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25 septembre 2018

When a Temporary Visa Is More Temporary Than Thought

HomeBy Elizabeth Redden. British academic said she had to leave the country after Johns Hopkins declined to submit an application to renew her H-1B visa due to perceived likelihood of denial. More...

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