09 octobre 2019

The Web 2.0 Bubble

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. The Web 2.0 Bubble
An Atlantic Monthly article says Web 2.0 will fail (sound familiar?) and for the right reasons: "MySpace does not let users network meaningfully with people outside its walls, and it does not let them import some functionality that promotes or drives revenue to other corporations... as the value of social-media tools becomes inevitably unsexy and commoditized, it may be only a matter of time before the Tila Tequilas of the world, inspiration for millions of page views, decide they might as well go elsewhere. More...

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Syndicated Web Ratings - an Idea Whose Time has Come?

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Syndicated Web Ratings - an Idea Whose Time has Come?
This is a good idea that comes up from time to time (I mention it in my Resource Profiles paper). I doubt that we could ever have a standardized rating system (there will never be global agreement on 'accuracy' or 'family-friendliness') but ratings metadata can be pretty simply encoded. Here is a simple pseudo-schema (similar in many ways to the hreview microformat) that would do the job:
- Item - item being rated (identified by URI)
- Scheme - rating scheme being used (eg., LDS family-friendliness scale)
- Field - field (eg. language use)
- Value - value (eg., 'mild profanity')
- Author - person doing the rating (identified by OpenID)
- Date - date reviewed Aggregating these provides you with a set of ratings on various resources. You can then assemble views (or 'profiles') of the resource, depending on what rating systems you use, what people you depend on for the ratings, etc. This is how we'll do it, eventually - it's just a matter of people collecting ratings and posting them as simple XML. More...

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08 octobre 2019

Some Real Data On Web 2.0 Use

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Some Real Data On Web 2.0 Use
Survey, British-based, of 1400 respondents, on the use of Web 2.0 technologies. The respondents are self-selected, so expect the numbers to skew high. Even so, we get some useful data about the patterns of use. That iCal, for example, attracts only a smal percentage of calendar users, while Google Calendar, yahoo Calendar and Outlook are running neck and neck. We also see that World of Warcraft is a lot more popular than Second Life. Everquest, Chess and HalfLife are also more popular. More...

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BBC Suspends Jam, Its Flagship Online Learning Web Site

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. BBC Suspends Jam, Its Flagship Online Learning Web Site
The BBC suspends Jam, the site that is, as Seb Schmoller summarizes, "its expensive, ambitious, error-ridden and strangely designed e-learning web site." That may sound like a good reason to close it, but he notes, "there are 200 jobs at risk, 170,000 registered users will lose a service that (?) they've been making use of, and any work that they have saved, and a lot of procured and ready-to-launch content, developed with, say, £50m of public funding, may now never be used." Maybe there's some other way to fix it. More...

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Talk On Deployment Strategies For Web 2.0

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Talk On Deployment Strategies For Web 2.0
I suppose the talk on deploying Web 2.0 applications is OK but I could get past the audacity of putting up an 'Acceptable Use Policy' on the first slide. I know it was intended to be permissive and to allow people to do things like record the talk. But still, the mechanism is really disturbing. It gets me thinking I should put an AUP on my handshake, or perhaps attaching terms of use to my next telephone call. Whatever happened to just saying "please don't distract others" or even just relying on common politeness? The idea that one person can (or should need to) stipulate conditions to another like that is abhorrent and should be rejected. Let's not let our standards of common decency be dictated by the publishing industry. More...

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The Web2.0 Prophecy: An Adventure

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. The Web2.0 Prophecy: An Adventure
Styled somewhat on the book The Celestine Prophecy (which I haven't read, so I can't say whether it's a faithful rendition nor even whether that would be a good thing) this post leads us through an unveiling of Web 2.0, identifying the "point where we are stuck" as "the seventh insight - engaging the flow." Truss asks, "When we are stuck, when things aren't coming together, when our universe is not unfolding as it should, how do we make things flow?" And in keeping with the spirit of the question, I would say that we don't make things flow, rather, the matter is one of finding things that are already flowing and flowing along with them. Douglas Rushkoff observed web users "surfing". We don't create the wave, we don't tell it where to go - that is, if you will, the "management fallacy" (yes I've coining a phrase here, live with it), the idea that we can, through management, direct the outcome of a complex process, where in fact, the outcome is an emergent property, dependent on the autonomous and willful actions of a large number of people. Seeing this - reading the patterns, watching the wave grow, this is not leading, this is not following, this is being the flow, being the web. More...

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07 octobre 2019

Thinking About 3D Web - or Is It Web 3.0?

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Thinking About 3D Web - or Is It Web 3.0?
Reflections on Vicki Davis's recent post on Second Life and Web 3D. While nodding toward the educational benefits a 3D web will offer, Alja Sulcic says there should be open protocols and standards, that it should be more accessible, more cross-platform, and preserve the values of Web 2.0. More...

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Cool Cat Teacher Gets It - the Future of the Web (and Maybe Online Learning) Will Be 3D

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. Cool Cat Teacher Gets It - the Future of the Web (and Maybe Online Learning) Will Be 3D
Another response to Vicki Davis's post on Second like and Web 3D. Though it covers a lot of ground and is largely encouraging, this post mostly takes Davis to task for criticizing Second Life. Most significant is the following observation: "the 3D web may not be Web3D, it may be built on a completely different architecture using a completely different client. The X3D standards will have an impact, but may not win out in the end. One of the biggest drawbacks of VRML/X3D is that it does not allow for multi-user interaction, and I believe this social, collaborative aspect of 3D worlds is what has been driving their adoption". More...

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What Is Web 2.0? Ideas, Technologies and Implications for Education

By Stephen Downes - Stephen's Web. What Is Web 2.0? Ideas, Technologies and Implications for Education
This is a very good report capturing some of the main ideas behind Web 2.0 and looking into some of the implications. If you are new to Web 2.0, this is an excellent introduction. The author depicts Web 2.0 not simply as a new set of technologies but also as the emergence of six major ideas: individual production and user generated content, harness the power of the crowd, data on an epic scale, architecture of participation, network effects, and openness. The author gets into the details quite well - there is, for example, a nice outline of AJAX, an informed discussion of SOAP vs REST, and a good sketch of the issues between Web 2.0 and the Semantic Web. At other times, though, the document reads as though written by an outsider - it depends too much on formal sources and people like Tim O'Reilly and Chris Anderson and John Seely Brown. And it addresses teaching and learning in just over a page, while devoting almost ten pages to the big problem of permanence of web resources (how did that become the major issue involving Web 2.0 in education?). More...

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03 octobre 2019

Les clés pour choisir son école du web

Le digital s’insinue peu à peu dans tous les pans de l’économie et conduit les entreprises à rechercher des jeunes diplômés spécialement formés à ses enjeux. Des dizaines d’écoles spécialisées dans le Web sont apparues ces dernières années. Plus...

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