31 août 2013

Association of American Universities (AAU)


 The Association of American Universities is a nonprofit association of 61 U.S. and two Canadian preeminent public and private research universities. Founded in 1900, AAU focuses on national and institutional issues that are important to research-intensive universities, including funding for research, research and education policy, and graduate and undergraduate education. The link address is: http://www.aau.edu/

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ABC Fact Check: National Tertiary Education Union correct on university class sizes

http://www.nteu.org.au//var/files/thumbs/a780532dd116f8da145bac8c4c7961bc_306d7ca50bcda2668357d511c8c7e5de_w80_.jpgAn advertisement by the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) says there are almost twice as many university students per teacher now than a generation ago.
"In just one generation university class sizes have almost doubled due to chronic underfunding," it says.
"Now Labor and the Liberals want to cut funding even more. What will this mean for our next generation?"
The ad, released on August 12 as a part of the union's $1 million Uni Cuts, Dumb Cuts campaign, calls on viewers to "vote smart" and "vote Greens in the Senate".

  • The claim: The amount of university students in a one-teacher classroom has almost doubled since 1990.
  • The verdict: The claim is correct. There are almost twice as many students per teacher now than there were in the 1990s. Read more...


Link to ABC  Fact Check: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-08-30/nteu-correct-on-university-class-sizes/4917678

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South African Council on Higher Education (CHE)


 The South African Council on Higher Education (CHE) is an independent statutory body responsible for advising the Minister of Higher Education and Training on all higher education policy issues, and for quality assurance in higher education and training. The CHE was established in May 1998, the responsibilities assigned to the CHE can be grouped into four main areas of work: advising the Minister of Education; assuming executive responsibility for quality assurance and quality promotion within higher education and training; monitoring and evaluating whether, how, to what extent and with what consequences the vision, policy goals and objectives for higher education are being realised; and contributing to the development of higher education by taking initiatives to provide guidance on key national and systemic issues. The link address is: http://www.che.ac.za/

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European Network for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA)


 The European Network for Quality Assurance in Higher Education was established in 2000 to promote European co-operation in the field of quality assurance. In November 2004 the General Assembly transformed the Network into the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education. ENQA disseminates information, experiences and good practices in the field of quality assurance (QA) in higher education to European QA agencies, public authorities and higher education institutions. The link address is: http://www.enqa.eu/index.lasso

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American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation (AAHEA)


 The American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation (AAHEA) is the oldest association in the United States dedicated to the advancement of higher education. Its mission is to be the organization that enables all individuals, institutions, and stakeholders in higher education to learn, organize for learning, and contribute to the common good. They provide accreditation to more than 20 disciplines for the common good of higher education. To bring the standards of education to a new high, to help all of mankind to be greater than once thought possible. The link address is: http://www.aahea.org/

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Indicators for higher education in further education colleges

http://www.hefce.ac.uk/media/hefce/st/i/hefce80.gifA report presenting indicators for higher education in English further education colleges (FECs), including the first publication of employment indicators, has been published.
HEFCE’s analysis of widening participation, non-continuation and employment indicators shows that FECs continue to perform strongly in terms of widening participation. Key findings are as follows.

  • FECs are continuing to perform better than expected in the widening participation indicator, when compared with the sector-adjusted average for the sector which takes into account the mix of students at institutions.
  • As a sector, FECs performed better than expected in the non-continuation indicator for first degree students, with a non-continuation rate of 13.6 per cent compared with a sector-adjusted average of 13.9 per cent.
  • Among other undergraduate entrants at FECs, the non-continuation rate was slightly higher than expected at 21.0 per cent.
  • 83.6 per cent of full-time first degree qualifiers, and 92.7 per cent of full-time other undergraduate qualifiers, registered at FECs continued into work or further study.

What the tables show

  • The widening participation indicators show the proportion of full-time entrants aged under 21 years from neighbourhoods which have a low proportion of young people going in to higher education.
  • The non-continuation indicators show the proportion of students (given separately for young and mature students) who do not continue in to a second year of higher education.
  • The employment indicators show the proportion of qualifiers from an undergraduate course of HE in 2010-11 who continued into work or further study after 6 months. This proportion is provided separately for full-time students on first degree and other undergraduate programmes.

We intend to publish an update of this report in early 2014.

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Asia-Pacific Association for International Education (APAIE)


 The Asia-Pacific Association for International Education (APAIE) is an international non-profit organization whose goal is to activate and reinforce the internationalization of higher education in the Asia-Pacific region and around the world, and to engage the professional challenges of individuals in international education.
The link address is: http://www.apaie.org/

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All of the students failed university admission exams in Liberia?


BBC is reporting that in one of the two state run Liberian universities, all (!) of the students failed at the university admission exam.
Current Liberian president, the Nobel prize winning Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has frequently made statements regarding issues in the Liberian educational system. She sees the educational system as a key aspect for the nation’s future wellbeing and success:at the end of the day, if you do not have an educated population, we will be unable to build the national capacities of our young people“, and she has called for a total overhaul of the system. Read more...

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American Council on Education (ACE)


 The American Council on Education (ACE) is the only higher education organization that represents presidents and chancellors of all types of U.S. accredited, degree-granting institutions: community colleges and four-year institutions, private and public universities, and nonprofit and for-profit colleges. ACE provides leadership on key higher education issues and influences public policy through advocacy, research, and program initiatives. ACE fosters greater collaboration and new partnerships within and outside the higher education community to help colleges and universities anticipate and address the challenges of the 21st century and contribute to a stronger nation and better world.
Read More…

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Arab Network for Quality Assurance in Higher Education


 The Arab Network for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ANQAHE) has been established in June, 2007 as a nonprofit nongovernmental organization. The purpose to establish the Arab network for quality Assurance in higher education is to create a mechanism between the Arab countries.

The link address is: http://www.anqahe.org/

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